Definition of GEEK: “an enthusiast or expert.”

The GEEK pant by DOUBLEPAW is a celebration of hope and hard work.

Made by hand in New York City from salvaged luxury fabrics, the GEEK pant is a cross-functional pant melding utility and aesthetics. Created for the dancer to dance in, the sculptor to sculpt in, the artist to art in, the GEEK pant was created for who its name implies— anyone obsessed with mastering their craft.

The GEEK pant begins as an idea, a sketch in a notebook, a few words of inspiration scribbled in the margins: passion, love, perseverance. Next, is the search for fabric. The GEEK pant fabric is found in a partner-warehouse in Brooklyn that salvages and recycles cast-off fabrics from luxury brands; perfect for DOUBLEPAW’s holistic, small-batch production methods, and waste-reduction ethos.

The moment when the fabric is finally sourced is a magical one—it is when idea and reality first meet. The fabric selected for The GEEK is a high-grade nylon blend, comfortable but durable. Because of its exclusive nature only a few pairs can be made.

Next, the measurements for the pant are calculated for exact form and fit. Then, with a thick piece of chalk, the panels of the pant are drawn onto the fabric. The pant is decoded and dissected, a series of white geometric shapes: squares and curved rectangles on a large panel of fabric. Each shape is marked for the part they will play in the construction of the pant: right leg rear, left leg front, belt loop, left front pocket.
Each panel is carefully cut out by hand with a pair of giant scissors called shears. The shears are sharp and slice easily through the fabric. Their blades are like the mouth of a little metal dragon, ca-chunking hard snips as the panels are riven into shape.


Next, the sewing machine is turned on and the electric motor within the machine crescendos to a high hum, as if hungry to create. Powered by the press of the foot pedal the fabric is angled through the threshing needle, stamping and stitching the panels together as it goes. Expert fabricators feed the panels around the punching needle, and even though their fingers are millimeters away from the powerful punctuator, they do not hesitate, and the construction is exact.

The back pockets are secured to the rear panels first and tested for strength and durability. The front panels are sewn together next, along with the zipper and front pockets. Once the front and rear panels are finished, measurements are retaken and compared to plans for accuracy, and when they are confirmed the pants are turned inside out and loose threads are snipped off.

Finally, the last details can be applied. Belt loops are sewn around the waist, and recycled rivets are punched into cinch points. For the final step, the DOUBLEPAW tag is sewn in and the GEEK pant is born.


Photographer: Paul Yem

Model: Joel Rodriguez Jr.