Our story

DOUBLEPAW Studio is a creative haven focused in fashion and art. Founded under the principles of love, compassion, and humility. It's about the overall human experience from the creation process, to your own personal experience with DOUBLEPAW. 

DOUBLEPAW is a portmanteau meaning “handmade.” Our mission is to make human-minded products using only natural, modest yields. This means we create functional pieces with only responsible and sustainable materials. Not only that, everything is made from artisans in their specific craft. 

Made by artists for artists.

Everything is designed with purpose and intention in mind. We believe fashion should never lose its function. Every piece is hand-crafted in New York City using only cast-off fabrics and small-batch production. This not only ensures the quality of every piece, but almost completely eliminates waste from the production process. 

Combining modern methods with intention-driven design, DOUBLEPAW aims to divine a new perception of hard work and luxury.